Sunday, December 21, 2008

TNA is Not only for HR People but for All

TNA is Not only for HR People but for All..........

Invite clients, past participants, or managers to lunch on a regular basis. Let them discuss their problems and frustrations guided by your questions, and don’t even mention training. Your job is to guide, listen and interpret in a natural and conversational manner. Once the information is gathered, go back to your office, think about things and call back with either more questions or possibly a solution. Managers do have time for short encounters, and they actually like the opportunity to discuss their issues. They don’t, however, have time or resources to tackle the massive Training Needs Analysis project.

The Quick, Performance-Based, Consultative Approach addresses performance problems in small digestible chunks. Conduct short meetings that take place on a regular basis. If you and a couple of colleagues take on this task, over time you will reach a great deal of the organization and certainly heighten your profile. You will become the company problem solvers: a prestigious position. Your organization will achieve excellence through gradual improvement.

The following checklists will guide your performance during and after meetings.

Performance Analysis Summary
- Define the problem.
- Describe required performance.
- Identify potential causes.
- Test each potential cause.
- Confirm the cause(s).

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