Saturday, January 3, 2009

CEO, Are You Set to Prevail 2009 with Vibrant Human Resources Practice!!!

CEO, Are You Set to Prevail 2009 with Vibrant Human Resources Practice!!!

Take lessons from all the mistake and pitfall from last 2008. Begin your scuffle from the very beginning in the year 2009. Many firms today realize the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled, quality employees as a necessary component of their competitive advantage. One of the reasons that a quality workforce along with innovative tools for attracting and retaining has become so important is because previous sources of competitive advantage have become less important overtime.

But recruiting right people in right place, retaining them and provide a good working environment is not enough. As you already finished the last year appraisal some of them already motivated some are not. Incessant global economic crisis throughout the last year also put negative impact on your business. So, its high time fixes your HR strategy for 2009. Engage your HR team to develop new and innovative tools to attract and retain quality workforce with other performance ground.

No human being is perfect and we all constantly fight our own inadequacies in our own ways. Working in any organization requires an individual to be geared up to face the challenges of work-life. This does not mean he or she can escape the duties and responsibilities of family life, whether married or unmarried. Not every individual is competent enough to take and manage the stress of a hectic life style. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that every individual has intra and inter-personal problems whether at work or at home. The HR function of any organization has the most important challenging job of "making the most" of their Human Resource. An employee can give his best to the organization only if he is in a positive "frame of mind". A mentally preoccupied or troubled individual will be in a position to give very little to his company. So keep in mind that you and your HR team have to work hard to boost up their morale and motivation by proper counseling.

Models for human development like mentoring, coaching and counseling are no longer confined to the non-corporate world. These systems are today a part of Human Resource Management of the corporate sector. In spite of counseling being an upcoming HR system like coaching and mentoring, few organizations recognize the significance of counseling and that their employees will benefit from such a service. Awareness need to be created not only at the individual employee level but also at the industry level about your organization target for this year. Make them aware what exactly you need and want from them this year by meaning of production, sales, corporate branding and profit. Do not fix anything vogue or really tough to achieve and provide them the guideline how they will accomplish this target.

Guide your HR manager to create an industry oriented recruitment and selection process. Allow them to do survey and find out about industry benchmark practices including compensation and benefits component. Tell them that they have to build strong employee relations throughout the organization, focusing of training and learning activities on performance improvement and not just on skill building and last but not list put a modern, industry relevant HRIS for keeping and tracking records.

Make sure that you HR team members know that this year they will be your strategic partner no more backend administrative department. One of the main concerns of them is developing human capital and organizational productivity. They will be evolving from strategic business partnership to strategic business leadership by end of this year.

All the best for a successful year 2009!!!

© Ahmed R Shaki, Candidate of PhD in HRM, University Utara Malaysia

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