Wednesday, September 14, 2011

e-HRM and Value!!!

A considerable gap between HR and line managers can be observe in organization. For instance, we can find a gap between HR involvement in e-HRM and its ability to use to 'operationalize' aspiration through actual delivery. Unless the stakeholders in the organization is able to understand the benefits of e-HRM in a way that is palpable and tailored to the needs company, it will be difficult to define a compelling reason for change and warrant a financial investments. This may explain why the majority of investments continue basic administrative / operational level only obvious cost is seen as a possible result of using technology to reduce the basic processing functions. Based on the above discussion it is obviously the HR personnel responsibility to make aware the top management as well as the line manager about the benefits and value of e-HRM.

e-HRM certainly create value not only for the HR department but for all. Apart from the administrative support e-HRM can easily put significant contribution for organization strategic management. Though there is a dilemma that benefits of e-HRM is seen as the only tangible and related to the reduction, the business benefits of e-HRM cost can only be based on this narrow aspect, and greater investment in e-HRM functions (Productivity and strategic functions) will not happen. But if these intangible assets represent the most powerful forms of investment in technology, but the organization is unable to justify the investment in them, they miss opportunities and The greatest benefits will be unattainable.

That is not so far when the value of e-HRM can be understand by all and more organization will adopt e-HRM for gaining optimum benefits.

Shaki, Candidate of PhD, HRM, University Utara Malaysia; 2011