Monday, August 20, 2012

e-HRM for Academic Institution for Better Performance Management!

Managing performance is one of the crucial responsibilities not only for the HR personnel as well as all head of departments or line manager. The way performance managed and supervised in the corporate world in present challenging global market is really impressive. However, in my observation Academic Institution (Universities) is far behind of this trend and somehow academicians are not properly judged or even less utilized. My point is not against to the academicians nor even raising my finger to them, but the main reason is still we may see that registrar department doing the recruitment work for the university, no proper HR department or practices there. Even worst there always very badly visible two stream. One academician and another one is administrative staffs, even the rules, policies, etc. also significantly different which caused huge grievances.

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To resolve this issue, again I am requesting to the management of academic institution to implement e-HRM. Various researchers have shown that online performance appraisal systems reduce costs and increase the speed through the process. Additional advantages of those systems include the shortage of previous year’s data that helps top management to compare the employees’ results and evaluations for the last years in an easier way. Across the world, we have seen that requirements for talented scholars as academicians rapidly growing. So, there is always the presence of local as well expat academicians in academic institutions. Some create different performance management system for local and international academic staff. Honestly speaking it just creates more trouble in a long run. No parties will feel ownership for the institution then. Creating a challenging performance management system for the academic staff will push them to think out of the box, and for sure they won’t stick up only the textbook then. University’s need to employ a lecturer only those who at least have one or two-year corporate experiences. Thus, it will ensure the fine mix of knowledge both from academic text books and real-life experience.

As we knew that business leaders are counting on academic institutions: schools, colleges, universities and other training establishments for infusing well-qualified fresh talent into industry. In turn, academic institutions are continually determined for improving their output both in terms of numbers, and the quality of talent offered for varying jobs in different types of organizations. The excellence of output from an academic institution depends on the quality of their faculty, support services and infrastructure. Attaining these higher levels of excellence, institutions need to set high-performance goals for their academic and non-academic staff. These goals should be effectively measured at frequent intervals to bridge performance gaps, if any. Institutions which can efficiently manage the performance of their faculty, and other employees can leave their mark on industry.

Thus, having the best from class performance management system which only can be ensured through implementing e-HRM is not only a need of the hour but an enabler of excellence in an academic institution. Think about it and put your comments.

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