Friday, December 16, 2011

Asking Question: Need to Sharpen Your Skill

Asking question or making inquiry need to be wrapped up with art. I knew you’re raising your eyebrows now but trust me my experience refers to that word ‘skill’. How well do we ask questions or making query while needed? Do we really think about it or just raise the matter? No matter what if you’re student of Business School or executive in a commercial firm, try to attain and sharpen this skill of art of asking question.

Yes, I agreed that no question is stupid but if we want to get good response, we have to ask in right way. We have to make sure that what exactly we really want to know. Questions have to be precise, clear and focused. And last but not least, be humble while asking question. It will not cost anything rather return will be more.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

e-HRM and Value!!!

A considerable gap between HR and line managers can be observe in organization. For instance, we can find a gap between HR involvement in e-HRM and its ability to use to 'operationalize' aspiration through actual delivery. Unless the stakeholders in the organization is able to understand the benefits of e-HRM in a way that is palpable and tailored to the needs company, it will be difficult to define a compelling reason for change and warrant a financial investments. This may explain why the majority of investments continue basic administrative / operational level only obvious cost is seen as a possible result of using technology to reduce the basic processing functions. Based on the above discussion it is obviously the HR personnel responsibility to make aware the top management as well as the line manager about the benefits and value of e-HRM.

e-HRM certainly create value not only for the HR department but for all. Apart from the administrative support e-HRM can easily put significant contribution for organization strategic management. Though there is a dilemma that benefits of e-HRM is seen as the only tangible and related to the reduction, the business benefits of e-HRM cost can only be based on this narrow aspect, and greater investment in e-HRM functions (Productivity and strategic functions) will not happen. But if these intangible assets represent the most powerful forms of investment in technology, but the organization is unable to justify the investment in them, they miss opportunities and The greatest benefits will be unattainable.

That is not so far when the value of e-HRM can be understand by all and more organization will adopt e-HRM for gaining optimum benefits.

Shaki, Candidate of PhD, HRM, University Utara Malaysia; 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

e-HRM and Employee Satisfaction.....

Human Capital function of an organization is accountable for complying with the Human Resources needs of the organization. Along with other business functions in human capital also align their strategies, policies and practices with organization mission, vision and goal. Human Capital Management or Human Resources Management whatever we named it, improving the system each and every day. There is no point of satisfaction unless HR practitioners every day try to improve the service both for external and internal customers. Electronic Human Resources Management (e-HRM) is one of such development for HR.

In any organization employees have different perceptions about the term "e- HRM". e-HRM is basically a web-based solution that takes advantage of the latest web application technology to deliver an online  real-time  Human  Resource  Management Solution. It is comprehensive but easy to use, feature-rich yet flexible enough to be tailored to organizations specific needs. It also refers to the processing and transmission of digitized information used in HRM, including text, sound and visual images, from one computer or electronic device to another. It will be able to meet the demands of today's Human Resource Management.

Using e-HRM technology is a way of aligning and coping up with organization HR strategies, policies and practices.  The e-HRM technology supports the HR function through web-technology based channels. The e-HRM provides a portal which enables managers, employees and HR professionals to view extract or alter information which  is  necessary  for  managing  the  HR  of  the organization. HR personnel have to keep it in mind that employees’ satisfaction is must for smooth working of an organization.  Without this, peaceful running of an organization is not possible.  If some changes are done in the organization and employees are not satisfied with it then the results of those changes are not in favor of the organization. So, before implementing e-HRM within the organization as well as after implementation HR personnel have to recheck repeatedly that employees are happy with the service or not. The satisfaction factors of employees' satisfaction towards e-HRM are can be Faster Communication, Improvements, Benefits, Employee Management, Time Efficiency and Client Oriented.

Please feel free to contact with me if you have any further query about e-HRM. Thanks

© Shaki, Candidate of PhD in HRM, UUM

Friday, April 15, 2011

e-HRM..... Need More Attention!

For me the alphabet "E" is really interesting in lot of sense. Wonder why? Here, "E" refers to "Electronic" and we find this "E" every where. Don't believe me? OK, allow me to give some example. e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Ticket, e-Logistic Management, ERP etcetera. So, if HR professional also want to use "e" in their field, I think nobody will be really feel offended or said anything against of it. e-HRM or electronic human resources management is no more a buzz word rather everyone aware about it. True, some got confuse with HRIS (Human Resources Information System) or other computer based application of HR like attendance or payroll system but e-HRM is not actually not that. Its a complete system where HR work as a strategic business partner for the organization. A full integrated automated software and hardware definitely needed but awareness about e-HRM is needed first to get the optimum benefits. Keep in touch with my blog. I will write more detail about e-HRM soon. Cheers!!!

© Ahmed R Shaki, Candidate of PhD, HRM