Sunday, July 28, 2013

e-HRM: Should We Adopt or Ignore?

Strohmeier (2007) defined e-HRM as a composite application of Information Systems using both networking and supporting actors for planning, implementing and performing HR activities. e-HRM is the system where the users are not only the HR personnel within the organization, rather the line managers also use it for various activities of operational, relational HRM. Furthermore job seekers, prospective clients or even accidental web surfer may find it useful in a lot of sense. E-HRM, can be used as a tool for HR branding for organization too. For instance, a job applicant may attract to the organization if s/he find the career page nicely designed, user friendly and full of insides  with organizations HR policy, career support etc.

In present era it may sound impetuous, if anyone said that e-HRM or HRIS (Human Resources Information System) enables HR personnel to complete basic HR tasks faster with its automated processes. Nothing new by talking it saves time and cost or it generates compiled and needed reports. Rather, e-HRM has been used for higher end analysis, making the HR personnel more competent and enable the HR function as a strategic partner for the organization.

My two cents with the reader is: if your management or CEO/MD doesn’t feel interested about e-HRM or poised that its just wastage of money, please download one of the free version of close to e-HRM from any of the bellow company, install it and run. Then you may find it useful and go for your own customized e-HRM. People Soft, SAP or something similar is not advised in my write-up due to high expense related issue.

Use e-HRM and become a STAR. Cheers!!!

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© Shaki, Ahmed R (2013), Candidate of PhD in HRM, UUM

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Sharing One Old Published Paper :)

Nothing really new in this post. Just post it as a sign that I will be regular again blogspot to share my wee knowledge. Thanks a lot to all 3100+ viewers from around the world especially from USA, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh,  Philipine, Great Britain, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and South Africa. Love you all.