Thursday, February 23, 2012

SAP HR in Bangladesh: Now or Never.....

What are the main modules of SAP HR? Is it really needed for better Human Capital Management? If you still don’t know what SAP HR is and whether it is needed for better HCM in your organization, I am sorry to say, you are far behind of modern HRM. Basically the solution for SAP HR included the entire process of workforce process management with sub module employee administration, individual time management and evaluation, organizational management, benefits management and payroll calculation.

SAP HR is effective tool for talent management. In talent management the sub modules are recruiting, career management, succession management, enterprise learning, compensation and benefits management and ofcourse the performance management.

SAP HR Sub Modules
Organizational Management
Personnel Administration
Compensation Management
Personnel Cost Planning
Time Management 
Cost to Company (CTC) and Budget Management
Personnel Development
Training Management
Travel Management
Occupational Health and Safety

The beauty of integrating ICT in HRM is simple enormous and can bring the satisfaction and optimum output from the employees. HR Manager in Bangladesh, now its up to you. Love it or keep sitting in the backbench.

© Shaki, Ahmed R (2012), Candidate of PhD in HRM, UUM

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