Friday, February 3, 2012

e-HRM: Let the Journey Began to Bangladesh Now!

To run and manage the Human Capital within and beyond the organization successfully not only the HR manager but the line manager also required adequate information and Electronic human resource management (e-HRM) is the most advanced and sophisticated tools to provide so. e-HRM is far better option comparing to HRIS and its not only provides the core employee database or payroll system but the system facilities extended up to other systems like such as e-recruitment, e-learning, performance management and reward system. e-HRM is a technological invention which enables the transformation of HRM. It’s a replacement of solely, centralized HR function such as approving employees leave, pay raise, sorting out training etcetera.

e-HRM  is  a  way  of  implementing  HR strategies,    policies    and    practices    in organizations  through  a  conscious  and directed support of and with the full use of web-technology based channels. The benefits of using e-HRM are enormous. Not only the large organization even the SME’s can also adopt the e-HRM and the end result definitely will be more positive.

With e-HRM system employees themselves can able to do so with the approval of their line manager if required. Thus it helps the HR personnel to make themselves more involved with the strategic issues for their organization. Implementation of e-HR generally seeks to minimize or eliminate intervention from HR personnel and give access the line managers and individuals to perform HR tasks directly with the self-service tools. As almost every organization in Bangladesh has the web access in present time, the desire from the management is the first things to start the e-HRM now.

e-HRM system can change the work performed by the HR Personnel by dramatically   improving   their   level of service,  allowing  more  time  for  work  of higher  value  and  reducing  their  costs. Though some says that by implementing e-HRM systems the management wants to cutting    HR    staff,    outsourcing    and imposing   new   technology but consequently it motivates HR and other staffs to make them more skilled, attain new and advanced knowledge to make them fit and up to date for the challenging working environment. Since the system is web-based, it enables the employees to get access to the system from remote or online and at any time. Organization in Bangladesh those have different branches, outlets, establishment etc in different location can get the huge benefits and it will bring more satisfaction to the employees who have to travel frequently to different locations. Though people prefer the branded vendors but in-house IT team can easily create the software and infrastructure for it, which is more cheap and easy to customize. It’s high time to adopt and implement e-HRM in our organization now and be the benchmark for others.

P.S: This Article also published in HR Focus, Newsletter of Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management. 

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