Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HRIS, DTS, ICT are the Enabler for Green Human Resources Management.

HRIS, DTS, ICT are the Enabler for Green Human Resources Management.

Getting inspired from one of the article by Edwin Ebreo, I realizes that as a HRM practitioner I have to write something about HR initiatives which can help us to focus environment friendly work place. We are more concerned about carbon emotions, ICT junks, less paper and accessories wastages in present era. To boost up this realization and take more initiatives we the Human Resource Management practitioners can do a lot considering the amount of influence we have in the organizations we work in. HR practitioners can launch a green campaign that will not only save the environment but will also help the company save on cost.  What we have to do is talk with our management, take their permission, we can form a green committee that will look at how we can change the way we work so we can save energy, cost and contribute to environmental conservation.  And to do so, we have to understand the need of Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Digital Technology System (DTS), implementing more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the workplace to enable the e-HRM and thus we can run more towards the Green HRM. And how that is?  Allow me explain a bit:

HRIS: As we know what HRIS is and its applications within any organization. HRIS is the real tool for make paperless HR Department in any type of organization. Starting from Recruitment e.g. Job Application, Resume screening, Call for Interview, Taking online test, Circulating Result; to Leave Application, Employee Handbook to Grievance/Sexual Harassment Handling,  Employee Personal records to Training Needs Assessments, these all can be available in a good HRIS software and that really reduce the use of paper, printer and other stationeries for organization.

Intranet and Internet Tools (ICT): Before you raised your eyebrows to me, let me ask you, whether we use email for communication now a day or not? If yes, why can’t we use it for sending memo, offer letter, requisition letter etc. Yes, we can, right?  HR personnel have to make others aware to work with as little paper as possible. Even though we have to suffer with few inconvenience but that is so minor compared to the number of trees we can save by collectively decreasing the demand for paper.

DTS: RFID, Smart Chip, Bio metrics, GPRS all these tools can help us to save our mother world. Think no attendance card or registrar needed if we use smart card or thumb print. Less energy consumption by using GPRS to locate our employees who work out sides. One smart card can be use as an employee ID card to till bank card and what not? So, HR can take the initiatives though preliminary investment a bit high.

Apart from those as HR personnel we have to make aware other department employees about saving environment activities. We have to run the “Go Green” campaign. We have to create a responsible committee whom will take care about electricity consumptions starting from air-conditions to light, using of printers to photocopiers and fax. A benchmark data of before and after definitely boost up the motivation level of all department’s employees.  HR has to launch a recycling campaign and turn some of the recyclable waste into extra income that can use to fund some small employee events. Cash or other incentives can be declared for best department who can save more about these issues.  Last but not least HR is the prime department who has to take project of “Tree Plantation” as a major event of organizations annual activity.
It’s high time for us to do something for the world. Go Green and save our mother world.

© Shaki, Candidate of PhD in HRM, UUM


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Thanks a lot Peter. I do appreciate for your positive words. Its our world and we have keep the world healthy for the future generation.