Friday, December 14, 2012

Employee Performance Appraisal and Corrective Measures

The end of each year HR and line managers become so active with the assessment of performance of employees. However this appraisal is not a year end process rather needed to be carried out throughout the year as a continuous HRM proses. The job not finished when a talent or pool of talent recruited in any organization. It is uncommon to see that few of those talent becomes unprovoked, the poor performer after a certain period. Research shows that employees become de-motivated for various causes and among them few are:

1. Lack of Recognition of Competence: Employees expected that organization will give proper value of their knowledgeable, skill and experience. If not, only perk and benefits can not keep their competence high for a longer tenure.

2. No autonomy at all: After a certain period of engagement with the work and organization, employees seeks the exercise self-regulation, within the guidelines, to achieve business goals. If they just monitored and instructed all the time, they lose their motivation to achieve innovative and wonderful new business ideas.

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3. No clear career path: Only increment or raise of salary can not able to keep employees' morale high in the organization. They want to see that after 5 years where they can reach if they perform really well aligned with organization business goal and vision. A better succession plan is mandatory as well as the crystal clear career path for each level.

4. Proper training and development plan: Employees deserve to get training to attain further development of their career. If an organization failed to provide proper training to them and a good training plan is missing there, certainly it is tough for HR to keep the employee on track.

Based on the above points in any business organization may find that, their employees tend to turn in work late, lack of commitment, missing of seriousness, lack of focus on assignments, missing deadlines as well as no longer act as a team player as they were earlier. So, corrective measures with proper actions need to be adopted to overcome this situation. And this the time to do so. Year end is here and performance appraisal system has to be very scientific. Those companies already implemented e-HRM, its high time for them to use the database. All the best in each single employee throughout the world. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

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